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Alpha Pallet wrapping machinery, Robotics and services
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CoBot Davit Lifts

The Stationary CoBot Lift is like an exoskeleton for CoBots mounted on the floor. It boosts the CoBot’s payload from 10 kg to 30 kg.

The Mobile CoBot Integrates the robot, controller, teach pendant, vacuum tube lift & pump and crane as a single mobile unit for maximum flexibility and quick installation.


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Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

Motorised Independent Robots (MiR) make your employees more efficient by allowing them to focus on higher-value activities, while shortening lead time and reducing the risk of bottlenecks. They optimise safety and reduce risk of injury by reducing the need of forklift usage to move pallets amongst people.






Why is it ideal for your business?

  • Cheaper than labour
  • Dedicated means of carriage with in built safety features
  • Removes the need for labour to move products around the workshop
  • It can work 24 hours a day
  • It can be adapted to different function like carrying, towing and lifting.
  • It can move collaborative robots (cobots) to different work locations.
  • Can help reduce the amount of conveyors for transporting pallets and components.

Optimise your workflow, increase productivity and reduce costs.
Hospitals, Care Homes, Laboratories, Manufacturing, Logistics, Food & Drink, Warehousing and Distribution.
As well as bespoke applications catering to your work environment.


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Cobot Applications

Collaborative robots are designed to increase productivity and reduce labour. They can also work safely alongside operatives without guarding or they can work independently and unsupervised.

Sold to over 50 countries and operating in the following industries

  • Aerospace and Defense
    • Work round the clock running unmanned shifts.
  • Automotive and subcontractor
    • integrates into existing production lines to take over critical and precision tasks.
  • Food & Agriculture
    • Keep food and ingredient wastage to a minimum while which working around the clock.
  • Electronics & Technology
    • Fast to adapt to new tasks, changes and working with dangerous machinery.
  • Furniture & Equipment
    • take over labour intensive & repetitive take.
    • Increase levels of precision and consistency in production.
  • Metal & Machining
    • Their accuracy and precision make them a must for this industry.
  • Pharma & Chemistry
    • Taking over human tasks will reduce the risk of contamination and human errors with sterile handling
  • Plastic & Polymers
    • can be used across all areas of plastic and polymer production at vary temperature ranges which will extend production capabilities.
  • Scientific & Research
    • Accuracy and reliability makes it a valuable tool for teaching and development at universities and research institutions.
  • Finishing & Polishing
    • Eliminates the human variance in the quality of finish. Never gets fed up with the job at hand.
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Things to Consider When Investing in a Pallet Wrapping Machine?

At Pallet Wrapper UK, we are aware that stretch wrapping plays an integral role in the shipping of different kinds of products, from concrete to cereal and much more. Each and every line of production is different and every warehouse has its own speciality. Companies face unique challenges relevant to their line of business, levels of staffing, products or floor space and that is why we carry a vast array of pallet stretch wrapper machines for you to choose from.

# Will the pallet wrapping machine be able to keep up with your production?

Our robust pallet wrapping equipment is specifically designed to work quickly whilst maintaining a high standard of quality. By investing in our equipment, you can be confident that the wrapping machine will not cause any delay in production.

# Is the equipment CE and H&S compliant?

Our complete range of automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines are CE and H&S compliant. We offer 12 months guarantee on all parts, as well as offering professional help for any technical issues you may have.

# Can the pallet wrapping machine be customised?

At Pallet Wrapper UK, we carry a comprehensive selection of the industries best stretch wrap machines. However, in case you have a requirement that our products are unable to fulfill, we can design and build a machine according to your exact specifications and needs. Feel free to call us to discuss your exact pallet wrapping needs.

# Are financing options available?

To ensure that you are able to acquire the best pallet wrapping machine, we have put together a lucrative financing option. We provide lease, as well as, lease purchase options that require you to pay a fixed monthly repayment within your budget. With a small initial capital investment, you can get the equipment you need.

Our stretch film machine provides wonderful opportunities for savings, enhanced production and safety. If you are wrapping pallets manually, it is time to upgrade your production facility with the help of Pallet Wrapper UK. To learn more about our machines and finance options, contact us today.

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4 Simple Steps To Help Speed Up Your Existing Packaging Operation

Your customers will be very disappointed, if their products do not reach them on the promised date and time and in good condition. At PalletWrapperUK Ltd, we recognise efficiency and speed of the packaging operation is key to products being delivered to your customers on time.

To safeguard your reputation and your customers’ trust, our professionals have compiled 4 simple steps to optimise your packaging operation. Take a look below.

# Evaluate your existing packing stations

Assess the current state of your packing stations and make sure that they are organised and carry everything your packers need.

Easy access to packing materials will allow your packers to work faster and more efficiently. Also, it will limit the probability of packaging-related injuries.

# Review your packaging

In the packaging industry, time is of the essence. If your packers are spending a lot of time assembling and sealing boxes, you probably need to modify your existing packaging.

As an example, you may opt for solutions such as, crash lock boxes, self-sealing or possibly invest in a used pallet wrapper machine from PalletWrapperUK Ltd. These solutions can significantly increase your productivity.

# Consider a box range upgrade

Estimating your box range will enable you to provide a better service when it comes to packing individual products, along with speeding up the whole process. Successful evaluation will lead to huge savings on material costs.

# Adopt packaging automation

A great way to increase packing speed is packaging automation. At PalletWrapperUK Ltd, we can supply a wide range of pallet wrapping machines that can fully automate your packaging operation. Our machines are designed with all the latest cutting-edge technology. Having the correct machine will increase productivity and enhance your return on investment.

We, at PalletWrapperUK Ltd, can conduct a full review of your packaging operation and identify the areas requiring improvements. Our comprehensive line of automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines are available with our best price guarantee. For further details on the services and products we offer contact us today.

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Beyond Just Packing: 9 Packaging Essentials You Should Be aware of

Good packaging is not just confined to the work of your pallet wrapping machine. A factor that might not seem so important but plays a vital role in customer experience is the packaging of your product. A Pallet Wrapping machine ensures your products arrive safely and are protected throughout their stressful journey. Pallet wrapping machines are a cost effective way of ensuring your products reach your customer in pristine a condition.

Here are some essentials to keep in mind whilst designing the packaging for your product.

  1. Brand Logo: Make sure your brand logo is printed on the insides of the package for that strong branding presence, which in turn encourages customer to choose your company again. Did you know that pallet stretch wrap can also be printed with your logo; there are several colours and black for security.
  2. Convenient Opening: Provide an easy-to-open package for convenience. A simple tear strip or zig-zag opening should do the trick.
  3. Personalisation: Print a short personal message on the box. This shows that you are customer-friendly and care about their needs.
  4. Sealing: Apart from the pallet, machine sealing the box outside, a self-sealing tape on the outside of the box that not only holds the box together, but also keeps those messy-looking taped seal away is a good choice.
  5. Extra Adhesives: Provide an extra seal that makes it easier to repack the box, in case the customer needs to return the product.
  6. Easier Assembly: Crash-lock bases are a great way to save time during the erection of your carton. They are easy to assemble. You can now also have self- adhesive flaps on your cartons…
  7. Recycling: Make the package recyclable. This is an environment-friendly option that allows the customer to recycle packaging instead of sending it to a waste fill site. It improves their green credentials and reduces packaging waste returns
  8. Label Indicators: Print label indicators on the package. This makes it convenient for packers to know where they should paste the labels.
  9. Security: The design of the box should be tamper-proof and stress-resistant. Leave no room for gaps in the package for meddling with the product or the package itself.

With these points at hand, you can now ensure not only enhanced customer satisfaction and a high chance of repeat business, but also a higher standard of quality and security for your product.

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How much is it costing you to wrap your pallets ! 18p or 80p ??

What things you might know about pallet wrapping costs.

20 years ago machine pallet stretch wrap (23 micron) was known as monofilm. Its stretch capability was only 10 to 15%. Gradually monofilm was replaced by 2 or 3 layered films. The stretch ability was naturally increased to 100%. Today we have multi-layered films allowing a 23 micron film to stretch up to 250%. This means that one meter of film on the roll can be stretched to 3.5 meters for wrapping the loaded pallet which is cost effective.

As the extrusion technology (for making the stretch films) has developed, it’s possible to find thinner 17mcr films (with 7 layers) stretching up to 250%.

This was the situation till about 18 months ago when a new generation of extruders appeared. These extruders have allowed a 12 mcr film (with 34 layers) to be produced and to be stretched up to 300% but not all of them.

Most of these films are extremely strong in their stretched state and can equal the current day 23mcr film with their load retention capabilities. This is what holds the load on to the pallet during transportation.

Pallet wrapping machines, on the other hand have always been able to over stretch films.  So they have been designed down and geared to the development of the stretch film capability that was available on the day.

Which means in today’s market, there is an assortment of old pallet wrapping machines grouped as (1) mechanical brake, (2) older power stretch machines with stretch ratios ranging from 100 to 250%, (3) new generation stretch machines with 300 to 400% stretching capabilities along with sophisticated pallet wrapping programs to minimise wrapping costs

  1. By not matching the correct film to the machines stretching ability or vice versa will carry the penalty of an unnecessary expensive cost of wrapping the pallet.
  1. Blindly buying a machine, without knowing what the latest technological smart films can offer, will turn out be an expensive mistake in lost opportunities to savings on cost.
  1. Changing from a 23mcr film, being stretched to 250% to the very best of the 12mcr films, stretching 300% can offer savings of up to 40% on the residential wrapping cost.

We offer a free onsite machine and stretch film audit to identify your current wrapping costs and explore with you the very best opportunities for future cost savings.

Please email in any questions regarding machine/film or just call us to discuss the cost of your current wrapping operations and we shall be happy to answer them. It’s free of charge without any obligations.


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Need to increases packaging efficiency? Buy a pallet wrapping machine

According to reports pallet machinery market is going to cross the $700 million mark by 2017.  It is estimated that by 2018 there will be a growth of 4.9% in the demand for packaging machinery. This demand will be from various industry segments like cosmetics, chemicals, food and beverage, etc. It is also being estimated that pallet wrapping machines will see the highest growth in the coming three years i.e.+5.6% after filling and labeling machines. 

So, looking at these figures and market trends, you should have no doubts about the need to purchase a pallet wrapping machine for your business. If you don’t upgrade your business as per the trend, you will lag behind and this obviously no business owner wants.

A suitable pallet wrapping machine reduces pallet wrapping cost, increases packaging efficiency and eliminates packaging waste. When buying such a machine, you must take into consideration various important factors. Wrong selection can have a serious impact on your business efficiency and profitability. 

Right Type: Focus Packaging Ltd (palletwrapperuk.co.uk) has various types of semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet machines in various models. Our experts will evaluate your production process and help you determine the best machine for your unit. A semi-automatic pallet wrapper is low-cost, simple and will suit a small unit with low volume packaging needs.  A fully automatic pallet wrapping machine is apt for a facility with high production and heavy loads. If you need a simple pallet wrapper we have one, if you need a more sophisticated machine with a range of programs for wrapping any type of pallet load, we have one 

Pallet and Machine size: Go for a pallet machine that can fit the pallet you need to wrap. This is a very crucial factor. Check the size and weight of your largest pallet. We have turntable machines that can wrap loads from 100 kgs loads up to 2500 kgs. We also have the Robot that can wrap any size or weight of load. Choose according to your need. 

Price: Buying a pallet wrapper is a long-term investment. When you pick a good machine, it will work for years and help in reducing your packaging labour costs,  your film wrapping costs and give you better and more consistantly wrap loads. So the price should not be the only consideration, features and benefits should be. You can lease purchase and pay as little as £21.00 per week for a turn table pallet wrapper

Maintenance: Our machines are easy to maintain and their spare parts are easily available. We also provide pallet packaging on-site repair and maintenance service. Enquire now and see how cheap it really is. For service contracts, we offer 10% off the cost of parts 

Browse through our range of pallet wrapping machines. We have Alpha 104- Entry Level, Alpha 204- Work Horse, Alpha 205- versatile, power stretch pallet wrappers, specialised machines, Orbital wrappers and more.

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9 Handy Tips That Will Help You Save On Packaging Expenses

Customer experience begins with the packing of the product.

It’s important to ensure that the package is safe and cannot be tampered with. You have got to ensure your products are packed safe and at an affordable price to ensure big savings for your business. Here are nine simple ways to reduce your packaging costs whilst still being efficient.

  1. Training: If you have a manual packaging system, you need to ensure that your team is well-trained. Lack of training could mean too much tape, messy-looking seals, and easy-to-tamper with packaging.
  2. Maintenance: Factors like the stretch ratio and wear-and-tear of your automatic wrapping machine need to be checked on a regular basis. Necessary maintenance needs to be done to keep your system efficient and cost-effective.
  3. Keeping A Check: You need to keep a check on the equipment you have for packing. An upgraded version of the automatic pallet wrapping machine from pallet wrappers will help your business grow.
  4. Eliminate Those Non-essentials: Additional packaging is usually done to hide a flaw. Get to the root of the flaw, fix it, and eliminate those unnecessary extra packaging items.
  5. Use High-quality Wraps: Cheap packaging material might seem like the easy answer. However, you could end up using twice, or maybe more, the amount of packaging material you need.
  6. Benchmarks: Set benchmarks at regular intervals to make sure you are working efficiently all the time.
  7. Reviews: Setting up regular reviews helps you stay up to date with newer and more cost-effective packaging materials and machines, which not only enhances your savings, but also the efficiency of your business.
  8. Save That Waste: Packaging waste, when recycled, can add to your savings. So think twice before you throw anything away.
  9. Cost-in-use: If you keep in mind the cost-in-use through all your purchases, you could reduce the price-per-unit expenses. This can help save your business time and money. 

With simple steps like these you can reduce the cost to your business and enhance its overall efficiency.

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Common Questions Surrounding Pallet Wrappers

Buying a pallet wrapper can be a confusing process; there is a lot of choice and plenty of terminology to wrap your head around if you have never delved into the world of machine wrapping before. It is a big commitment and we know that you will have a lot of questions to ask before you reach any kind of decision. So, here are a few answers to the more common questions you might have before making your wrapping purchase.

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