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Alpha Pallet wrapping
machinery and services

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Alpha Pallet wrapping machinery, Robotics and services
from Focus Packaging Ltd
- for enquiries, call us on 0333 123 6666
Alpha Pallet Wrappers from Focus Packaging Ltd

Alpha 204 – Work Horse

CE certified & H&S compliant

Technical Specifications

Turntable:1650 mm
Maximum wrapping height:2200 mm
Maximum pallet size:1200 x 1000 x 2000 mm
Maximum load weight:2000 kgs
Turntable:Home start and stop
Power supply:230V single phase
Maximum turn table speed:4-10 RPM
Fork lifting:Either front or rear

Wrapping Programs

  • Adjustable parameters by the control panel without password
  • Spool carriage;- adjustable up and down speed
  • Top wrap counter
  • Bottom wrap counter
  • Manual homing position
  • Variable wrapping cycles
  • Operates in manual mode
  • Eco wrap;- copy store & learning program
  • Spool carriage, manual lifting, lowering and home position
  • Spool carriage halt for reinforcing wraps
  • Variable turntable speed
  • Variable film carriage speed
  • Acoustic warning. Start & stop of cycle

Standard Features

  • Film tension;- mechanical roller brake
  • Photocell for pallet height detection
  • Safety stop on film carriage holder
  • Automatic home position for turn- table
  • Soft start and soft finish to cycle
  • Power Board IP54   (water proofing)
  • Film stretching; -mechanical roller brake system
  • Easy load film carriage
  • Magic eye;- Stops rise at top of load

Specification Upgrades

  • Black or dark coloured film, photo cell
  • Embodiment ring (for sinking into floor)
  • Pump truck ramp 800 or 1000mm wide
  • Electric truck ramp (heavy duty)
  • Brackets to fix ramp to floor
  • Clip to tie film on to turn table

Health and Safety (Optional)

  • Security cage with door or light guards with hand held remote control

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