Beyond Just Packing: 9 Packaging Essentials You Should Be aware of

Good packaging is not just confined to the work of your pallet wrapping machine. A factor that might not seem so important but plays a vital role in customer experience is the packaging of your product. A Pallet Wrapping machine ensures your products arrive safely and are protected throughout their stressful journey. Pallet wrapping machines are a cost effective way of ensuring your products reach your customer in pristine a condition.

Here are some essentials to keep in mind whilst designing the packaging for your product.

  1. Brand Logo: Make sure your brand logo is printed on the insides of the package for that strong branding presence, which in turn encourages customer to choose your company again. Did you know that pallet stretch wrap can also be printed with your logo; there are several colours and black for security.
  2. Convenient Opening: Provide an easy-to-open package for convenience. A simple tear strip or zig-zag opening should do the trick.
  3. Personalisation: Print a short personal message on the box. This shows that you are customer-friendly and care about their needs.
  4. Sealing: Apart from the pallet, machine sealing the box outside, a self-sealing tape on the outside of the box that not only holds the box together, but also keeps those messy-looking taped seal away is a good choice.
  5. Extra Adhesives: Provide an extra seal that makes it easier to repack the box, in case the customer needs to return the product.
  6. Easier Assembly: Crash-lock bases are a great way to save time during the erection of your carton. They are easy to assemble. You can now also have self- adhesive flaps on your cartons…
  7. Recycling: Make the package recyclable. This is an environment-friendly option that allows the customer to recycle packaging instead of sending it to a waste fill site. It improves their green credentials and reduces packaging waste returns
  8. Label Indicators: Print label indicators on the package. This makes it convenient for packers to know where they should paste the labels.
  9. Security: The design of the box should be tamper-proof and stress-resistant. Leave no room for gaps in the package for meddling with the product or the package itself.

With these points at hand, you can now ensure not only enhanced customer satisfaction and a high chance of repeat business, but also a higher standard of quality and security for your product.

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