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Alpha Pallet wrapping
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Alpha Pallet wrapping machinery, Robotics and services
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Overhead Arm Wrapper

Alpha Inline Overarm Pallet Wrapper

Technical Specifications

The entry level version of this machine presents a low cost opportunity to install an automatic packing line for about £25000

As the arm rotates around the load it is ideal for unstable loads or products such as heavy loads and liquids that take a lot of energy to start and stop rotating as with a conventional turn table pallet wrapper.

There are several versions of this rotary arm pallet wrapper enabling the concept to accommodate most of the challenging types of pallet wrapping situations. The top end model (above) with twin film dispensers is capable of wrapping 150 pallets per hour.

It can accommodate a very advanced and exclusive form of stretching the film that will allow, as an example, a 200% stretch film to be stretched to over 300%.  It has facilities to that allow the purchaser to test the film before purchasing. It can test the breaking and stretch levels of different films.

Additional options include:

1/ top sheet applicator. (The machine must stop for this operation to be completed)

2/ film roping.

3/ the tail of the film (after cutting) can be welded to the pallet, stops it flapping around and also interfering with an automatic warehousing operations

4/ the pallet can be removed from the after conveyor at a 90 degree angle

5/ exclusive advance film stretching and testing technology, could double stretch of the film

6/ Recommended stretch film;- groups 23 or 4 dependant on chosen stretch ratio

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