Need to increases packaging efficiency? Buy a pallet wrapping machine

According to reports pallet machinery market is going to cross the $700 million mark by 2017.  It is estimated that by 2018 there will be a growth of 4.9% in the demand for packaging machinery. This demand will be from various industry segments like cosmetics, chemicals, food and beverage, etc. It is also being estimated that pallet wrapping machines will see the highest growth in the coming three years i.e.+5.6% after filling and labeling machines. 

So, looking at these figures and market trends, you should have no doubts about the need to purchase a pallet wrapping machine for your business. If you don’t upgrade your business as per the trend, you will lag behind and this obviously no business owner wants.

A suitable pallet wrapping machine reduces pallet wrapping cost, increases packaging efficiency and eliminates packaging waste. When buying such a machine, you must take into consideration various important factors. Wrong selection can have a serious impact on your business efficiency and profitability. 

Right Type: Focus Packaging Ltd ( has various types of semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet machines in various models. Our experts will evaluate your production process and help you determine the best machine for your unit. A semi-automatic pallet wrapper is low-cost, simple and will suit a small unit with low volume packaging needs.  A fully automatic pallet wrapping machine is apt for a facility with high production and heavy loads. If you need a simple pallet wrapper we have one, if you need a more sophisticated machine with a range of programs for wrapping any type of pallet load, we have one 

Pallet and Machine size: Go for a pallet machine that can fit the pallet you need to wrap. This is a very crucial factor. Check the size and weight of your largest pallet. We have turntable machines that can wrap loads from 100 kgs loads up to 2500 kgs. We also have the Robot that can wrap any size or weight of load. Choose according to your need. 

Price: Buying a pallet wrapper is a long-term investment. When you pick a good machine, it will work for years and help in reducing your packaging labour costs,  your film wrapping costs and give you better and more consistantly wrap loads. So the price should not be the only consideration, features and benefits should be. You can lease purchase and pay as little as £21.00 per week for a turn table pallet wrapper

Maintenance: Our machines are easy to maintain and their spare parts are easily available. We also provide pallet packaging on-site repair and maintenance service. Enquire now and see how cheap it really is. For service contracts, we offer 10% off the cost of parts 

Browse through our range of pallet wrapping machines. We have Alpha 104- Entry Level, Alpha 204- Work Horse, Alpha 205- versatile, power stretch pallet wrappers, specialised machines, Orbital wrappers and more.

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