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Alpha Pallet wrapping
machinery and services

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Alpha Pallet wrapping machinery, Robotics and services
from Focus Packaging Ltd
- for enquiries, call us on 0333 123 6666


CS certified & H&S compliant

Technical Specifications

Orbital wrappers are designed to wrap circular or oblong objects with hollow centres.

Such as:

  • Square unglazed window frames
  • Rubber tyres
  • Coils of flexible tubing or wire products etc.

The arched frame is designed to lift up to allow the product to be placed inside the wrapping area, then closed allowing it to stretch wrap whatever hollow product is placed on the wrapping table.

The table of the machine has rollers that make it easy to position and rotate the product, so that it can be wrapped for protection and safe transportation.

These are strong robust stretch wrapping machines that are easy to operate. They are fully CE and H&S compliant.

Guarantee. All parts for 12 months.

If this machine does not meet your stretch wrapping requirement, then a special machine can be designed and built for you.

Video Product Demo

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