Common Questions Surrounding Pallet Wrappers

Buying a pallet wrapper can be a confusing process; there is a lot of choice and plenty of terminology to wrap your head around if you have never delved into the world of machine wrapping before. It is a big commitment and we know that you will have a lot of questions to ask before you reach any kind of decision. So, here are a few answers to the more common questions you might have before making your wrapping purchase.

Are They CE Marked?

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All of our machines at Focus Packaging are CE marked – which means that they conform to European standards of safety. As you have a duty of care to supply and ensure that the machine is safe to use for your operators we make it our mission to provide a safe, reliable, machine from the outset for you packaging needs.

What are the Differences Between Turntable and Tower Machines?


A turntable wrapper and a tower wrapper do essentially the same job, but there are obviously key differences in the process of each machine. The turntable machine does almost exactly as it says on the tin; it works by rotating a load on its turntable, whilst a tower wrapper fixes the pallet in place and the film dispenser rotates around the stationary package as it covers it in film. The major difference is that the tower wrapper is more suitable for heavy or unstable loads, such as liquid, whilst the turntable is far more suited to packing lighter loads.

Should You Choose New or Pre-Owned?

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Here at Focus Packaging we do offer both new and used pallet wrappers. We know it is an important question when buying a pallet wrapper – a choice which largely falls on the personal preference of you as the business owner. Pre-owned wrappers have the advantage of being more affordable, so the initial investment for the machine is lower than its newer counterpart, but these products are older and so may come with added problems that a newer model would not.

We at Focus Packaging are dedicated to ensuring that you get the right pallet wrapper for you and are happy to answer any questions that you have regarding your wrapping needs. So, don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call on 0333 123 6666 and we can help you get the pallet wrapper that’s right for you.

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