How much is it costing you to wrap your pallets ! 18p or 80p ??

What things you might know about pallet wrapping costs.

20 years ago machine pallet stretch wrap (23 micron) was known as monofilm. Its stretch capability was only 10 to 15%. Gradually monofilm was replaced by 2 or 3 layered films. The stretch ability was naturally increased to 100%. Today we have multi-layered films allowing a 23 micron film to stretch up to 250%. This means that one meter of film on the roll can be stretched to 3.5 meters for wrapping the loaded pallet which is cost effective.

As the extrusion technology (for making the stretch films) has developed, it’s possible to find thinner 17mcr films (with 7 layers) stretching up to 250%.

This was the situation till about 18 months ago when a new generation of extruders appeared. These extruders have allowed a 12 mcr film (with 34 layers) to be produced and to be stretched up to 300% but not all of them.

Most of these films are extremely strong in their stretched state and can equal the current day 23mcr film with their load retention capabilities. This is what holds the load on to the pallet during transportation.

Pallet wrapping machines, on the other hand have always been able to over stretch films.  So they have been designed down and geared to the development of the stretch film capability that was available on the day.

Which means in today’s market, there is an assortment of old pallet wrapping machines grouped as (1) mechanical brake, (2) older power stretch machines with stretch ratios ranging from 100 to 250%, (3) new generation stretch machines with 300 to 400% stretching capabilities along with sophisticated pallet wrapping programs to minimise wrapping costs

  1. By not matching the correct film to the machines stretching ability or vice versa will carry the penalty of an unnecessary expensive cost of wrapping the pallet.
  1. Blindly buying a machine, without knowing what the latest technological smart films can offer, will turn out be an expensive mistake in lost opportunities to savings on cost.
  1. Changing from a 23mcr film, being stretched to 250% to the very best of the 12mcr films, stretching 300% can offer savings of up to 40% on the residential wrapping cost.

We offer a free onsite machine and stretch film audit to identify your current wrapping costs and explore with you the very best opportunities for future cost savings.

Please email in any questions regarding machine/film or just call us to discuss the cost of your current wrapping operations and we shall be happy to answer them. It’s free of charge without any obligations.


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