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Alpha Pallet wrapping
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Alpha Pallet wrapping machinery, Robotics and services
from Focus Packaging Ltd
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CS certified & H&S compliant

Technical Specifications

Orbital wrappers are designed to wrap long, difficult profiles, the length of which is no restriction, you just have to make sure that the infeed and out feed rollers are long enough to accomodate the product that is to be wrapped.

The Neleo Orbital is a semi-automatic wrapper designed for low volume output. Semi-automatic machines generally have simple infeed and out feed rollers that are operator controlled, with the product being fed manually through the rotating spools of film.

The width and height of the product will dictate what size wrapping diameter is required, then the machine can be sized accordingly. The smallest stock sizes start from 50cm going up to 200 cm.

Machine size5090125160200
Max. Diameter470mm870mm1250mm1600mm2000mm
Width x Height340×340610×610860×8601130×11301390×1390
Electrics220/380V III+N220/380V III+N220/380V III+N220/380V III+N220/380V III+N
Recommended filmGroup 3

Should the product being wrapped require some extra cushion, protection, then bubble wrap and or foam can be added to the product by doing this manually or by placing a dispenser in front of the orbital wrapper.

These are strong robust and easy to operate machines. They are fully CE and H&S compliant.

Guarantee. All parts 12 months

If you have a wrapping requirement that does not fit the above sizes, then a special machine can be designed and built for you.

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