Things to Consider When Investing in a Pallet Wrapping Machine?

At Pallet Wrapper UK, we are aware that stretch wrapping plays an integral role in the shipping of different kinds of products, from concrete to cereal and much more. Each and every line of production is different and every warehouse has its own speciality. Companies face unique challenges relevant to their line of business, levels of staffing, products or floor space and that is why we carry a vast array of pallet stretch wrapper machines for you to choose from.

# Will the pallet wrapping machine be able to keep up with your production?

Our robust pallet wrapping equipment is specifically designed to work quickly whilst maintaining a high standard of quality. By investing in our equipment, you can be confident that the wrapping machine will not cause any delay in production.

# Is the equipment CE and H&S compliant?

Our complete range of automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines are CE and H&S compliant. We offer 12 months guarantee on all parts, as well as offering professional help for any technical issues you may have.

# Can the pallet wrapping machine be customised?

At Pallet Wrapper UK, we carry a comprehensive selection of the industries best stretch wrap machines. However, in case you have a requirement that our products are unable to fulfill, we can design and build a machine according to your exact specifications and needs. Feel free to call us to discuss your exact pallet wrapping needs.

# Are financing options available?

To ensure that you are able to acquire the best pallet wrapping machine, we have put together a lucrative financing option. We provide lease, as well as, lease purchase options that require you to pay a fixed monthly repayment within your budget. With a small initial capital investment, you can get the equipment you need.

Our stretch film machine provides wonderful opportunities for savings, enhanced production and safety. If you are wrapping pallets manually, it is time to upgrade your production facility with the help of Pallet Wrapper UK. To learn more about our machines and finance options, contact us today.

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