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Alpha Pallet wrapping
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Alpha Pallet wrapping machinery, Robotics and services
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Mobile Pallet Wrapper

The Walk A Bout – Manual Wrapper

CS certified & H&S compliant

Technical Specifications

Dimensions:W560mm x D1150mm x H2100mm

This is a manually operated pallet wrapper which is pushed around the load and the handle is wound to raise the film carriage up the mast to offer the required wrapping specification on the pallet.

  • There are no electrical mechanical parts on the machine.
  • It is all manually controlled.

The weak point in manually wrapping a pallet is securing the load to the pallet. This is the hardest part for an operator to achieve because of the low level of work, back bending and walking backwards involved.

The walkabout guarantees well wrapped and tightly secured loads to the pallet with an efficient, comfortable and safe working position for the operator.

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