Collaborative Robots (cobots)

Collaborative robots are designed to increase productivity and reduce labour. They can also work safely alongside operatives without guarding or they can work independently and unsupervised.



  • Aerospace and Defense
    • Work round the clock running unmanned shifts.
  • Automotive and subcontractor
    • integrates into existing production lines to take
      over critical and precision tasks.
  • Food & Agriculture
    • Keep food and ingredient wastage to a minimum
      while which working around the clock.
  • Electronics & Technology
    • Fast to adapt to new tasks, changes and working with dangerous machinery.
  • Furniture & Equipment
    • take over labour intensive & repetitive take.
    • Increase levels of precision and consistency in production.
  • Metal & Machining
    • Their accuracy and precision make them a must for this industry.
  • Pharma & Chemistry
    • Taking over human tasks will reduce the risk of contamination and human errors with sterile handling
  • Plastic & Polymers
    • can be used across all areas of plastic and polymer production at vary temperature ranges which will extend production capabilities.
  • Scientific & Research
    • Accuracy and reliability makes it a valuable tool for teaching and development at universities and research institutions.
  • Finishing & Polishing
    • Eliminates the human variance in the quality of finish. Never gets fed up with the job at hand.


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