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Alpha Pallet wrapping
machinery and services

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Alpha Pallet wrapping machinery, Robotics and services
from Focus Packaging Ltd
- for enquiries, call us on 0333 123 6666

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Pallet Stretch Wrappers and Pallet Wrapping Machines from Focus Packaging

We reduce your (1) pallet wrapping costs (2) increase your packaging efficiency, (3) reduce your packaging waste levy

Focus Packaging are pallet wrap and stretch film specialists based in the West Midlands, established in 1999, with over 15 years’ experience of installing pallet wrapping machines throughout England, Scotland and Wales. We also offer the best quality and most suitable pallet wrapper available for your application. Spare parts are held in stock and with a very experienced and dedicated team of service engineers, covering the whole of England Scotland and Wales, we look after your best interests and our installations, with pride and dedication.

Pallet wrapping machines will improve the cost efficiency of your operation by supplying a superior quality of wrapping to a consistently high standard. A pallet wrapped by machine will not topple over or fall of the pallet during storage or transportation as experienced with hand wrapped pallets. With our modern machines, you can have dedicated (and security locked) wrapping programs for different variations of loaded pallets. Additionally, we stock a range of high quality stretch wrap for all your pallet wrap needs.

How To Choose A Pallet Wrapper

Choosing the best machine suitable for your operation will depend on the type of products being packed, your required daily output and type of transportation they are to undertake.  To identify the correct machine for your requirements, we offer a free of charge, no obligation, on-site cost comparison between current costs and the new potential. With this knowledge, you can then make an informed decision to get the best return on your capital purchase.

Phone us to establish your current wrapping costs and to see if these can be reduced. (It’s free of charge).

We also provide a unique service that puts the needs of your business first and foremost; from providing advice in regards to design and sampling of your packaging requirement to supplying it along with the relevant machines to process it in your works. Our aim is always to help you to achieve the most efficient and affordable packing operation.

Finance Options

We offer different finance options to help you purchase the best equipment for your business, and our great range of high-quality Alpha, (CE and HS compliant pallet wrap machines) these are also available to rent. We often have pre used machines available, so that you have the widest range of choice. We can look after your purchase if you chose one of our various pallet wrap machine maintenance programs that are available, ensuring you years of trouble free pallet wrapping. This means that you have peace of mind while owing the equipment. We will also keep you up to date with any new developments in stretch film technology making sure your wrapping costs are as low as possible.

In addition, you can take advantage of our consultancy services for general packaging design and sampling, helping you to create effective, secure packaging for all your products. We can hold materials in stock for you so as to be able to supply as a just-in-time delivery service, without overwhelming your storage capacity.

From our central location, we serve businesses throughout the UK, should you have a packaging problem that we cannot solve we have a network of national and international suppliers to ensure that we can always find answers to your questions.

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