What to Consider Before Getting a Wrapper

Whether you prefer to buy or lease a pallet wrap machine, there are several key factors you might want to consider before making a commitment. Although these machines are fairly intuitive in what they do, it’s important to note that asking the right questions before acquiring a machine can ensure that you take full advantage of it and, therefore, enjoy all the benefits that come with having a pallet wrap machine in your warehouse.

The Colour of the Film

Getting a high quality stretch film will give you several advantages, but this is not the only reason why you should carefully think about the film you choose. Colour is a key element and, while it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a wrapping machine, it’s an important decision nonetheless.

This is because there’s a difference in terms of the way the machine ‘reads’ the film, meaning that if the film is coloured instead of clear, you need a wrapper with a photo-eye sensitive to colour and, sometimes, even sensitive to black – so that it can properly wrap your loads and ensure everything is tightly secured.


The Pallet Dimensions

Different sizes in terms of pallets mean they can hold a wide selection of different products. You probably work with a large variety of pallets in your warehouse, so you might want to measure them and find out the dimensions of your largest pallet. This means measuring its length, width and height, which will let you choose the right machine in order for your loads to be properly accommodated.

Pallets with challenging loads to wrap, for instance, can benefit from the Alpha Overhead Arm Wrapper since this machine can deal with heavy and difficult loads.


The Type of Environment

Some external conditions can affect the performance of the wrapper, so you should always ensure that the machine you get can adapt to your warehouse. Wrappers operating in cold temperatures might require a different lubricant, while places with a lot of humidity might mean your wrapper needs frequent maintenance. This makes it necessary for you to identify the type of environment before deciding to purchase or lease a machine.


Knowing these key elements before choosing a pallet wrapper means you’ll get the one that best suits your warehouse and the workload. At Focus Packaging we aim to help all of our customers with any query they might have, so don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call on 0333 123 6666 to learn more about our vast range of machines.

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