The Advantages of Stretch Film

At Focus Packaging we continually strive to offer only the finest service. Whether that’s through the provision of a high quality pallet wrapping machine or through offering insider industry information via our up-to-date blog, we only ever aim for the best.

As such, when it comes to pallet wrap, we know our onions! We think that through opting for the use of pallet wrapping machinery and stretch film you are providing your business with a range of benefits that they would otherwise be lacking. So, allow us to present to you some of the best of said-benefits, and why you and your company should consider opting for this wonderful invention!


Stretch film isn’t merely used in warehouses or industrial environments, its use can be seen across a wide range of fields. From agriculture to food packaging, stretch film offers a packaging solution to a range of problems that may arise across a range of products and industries. Perhaps more diverse are the packaging machines themselves, presenting a solution to a large array of differently sized and shaped products across an equally wide industry spectrum.


The versatility of stretch film is testament to the product’s durability. The products which are housed in industrial and agricultural environments require durable packaging because ripping or puncturing just isn’t an option. Not only does the stretch film serve to package your product perfectly, it also helps to protect it.


A pallet wrapping machine helps to save your company space in whatever your particular industry. As such, this enables you to not only store more in your particular workspace, it also enables you to save space when transporting your product. Equally, the nature of the durability helping to protect your valuable products, and its ability to extend the shelf-life of fresh food, means that less of your stock is wasted and thus helps preserve your products… as well as your profits.

Stretch wrapping film 2 iStock_000042230098_SmallPallet wrapping machines and stretch film are the perfect solution for helping to store your products, produce and stock whatever your particular industry or workplace environment. Versatile, durable and cost-effective, it helps to reduce overheads, as well as offering a greener solution than cardboard. So, what are you waiting for? You can contact one of our team of friendly pallet wrapping experts on 0333 123 6666 and enable us to set you up with a whole new packaging system!

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