Should I Buy or Lease a Pallet Wrap Machine?

A pallet wrap machine is a great addition to any business, because it offers a wide range of benefits to the pallet wrapping process, such as being able to work with pallets of different sizes – and, consequently, they offer a lot of advantages to you and your business as well. Knowing whether you should rent or buy one of these machines, however, is a different question. Choosing one method over the other can depend on several factors.

Here at Focus Packaging we want to help you make this decision and choose the right option for your warehouse.

Benefits of Leasing

You might find it difficult to justify the investment of purchasing a brand new wrapper – or cannot get it approved in the budget. If that’s the case, then renting a pallet-wrapping machine is the best alternative. You can get short or long term solutions, according to your needs or the requirements of your business or market.

The machines that are leased tend to be of high quality, so you can be confident you’ll get the best results. A lot of businesses tend to prefer renting a machine instead or purchasing, since they can deal with sudden high volumes of pallets to wrap, as can happen during the holidays, without slowing their business – renting a wrapper, then, is the most economical alternative.


Benefits of Buying

One of the reasons why you might want to opt to buy a pallet wrap machine instead of just renting it is if you typically deal with large volumes of pallets, and a temporary solution doesn’t meet the needs of your business. You might also want to buy another machine if a large number of your employees are wrapping pallets by hand, meaning you can make their life easier by providing an additional one.

You’re also able to choose from a range of financing options, meaning you can always afford the best equipment for your warehouse. They also mean you can conserve your working capital, and you can always make sure that you’re never over budget, since you’re able to choose an option that provides fixed interest or monthly repayments.


Depending on the needs of your business you might prefer to rent a wrapper instead of purchasing it, so the ultimate decision is down to you and the requirements you have to meet – which includes your budget. You can deal with short or long periods in which you need to wrap a lot of pallets, so renting can be a solution, but if you typically need to wrap high volumes of goods, buying your own machine can be the most advantageous alternative.

At Focus Packaging we’re able to offer you both solutions so, if your business is in need of one, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0333 123 6666 and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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