Why You Need the Alpha 104 Wrapper

For a business with packaging needs, it is often very time-consuming and sometimes dangerous to wrap by hand depending on the size of the pallets you are working with. Automatic wrapping machines reduce time spent and health and safety risks by reducing the manpower needed to package by hand.

There are a wide variety of wrapping machines to suit the individual needs of companies both large and small, here at Focus Packaging we are dedicated to improving the wrapping process and helping you make the most out of your machines. Previously we have looked at the Walk-About Wrapper and this week we will turn our attention to the Alpha 104 Wrapper.


What is the Alpha 104 Wrapper?

The Alpha 104 is an electronic core break pallet wrapper, an entry level machine that is perfect for new users with a low volume of packaging that requires wrapping. So, if you are considering whether to buy or lease a pallet wrapper as an organisation with low usage this might be the solution for you.

The wrapper is both CE certified and H&S compliant, with dimensions of 1650mm turntable width, maximum wrapping height of 2200mm and a maximum load weight of 2000Kgs. This package wrapping machine also allows for top only, bottom only and manual wrapping cycles for the more difficult packages. It has variable carriage and turntable speeds, with the control panel allowing adjustable parameters which do not require a password to change. It also comes with an optional security cage and hand-held remote control for extra protection for your employees.

It is a well made pallet wrapper, durable in the harsh industrial environment with easy maintenance to minimize the downtime of production downtime.

Why Choose the Alpha 104 Wrapper?


An advantage to this pallet wrapper is that it wraps efficiently, reducing the likeliness of shifting or toppled pallets, but also making it less likely that rain or bad weather will destroy the packaging or the even worse the contents.

Pallet wrappers reduce manpower needed to wrap pallets manually, but they are also much more efficient and reduce the amount of film wastage in the process. Use of wrapping machines has also allowed for much thinner film to be developed, using less in the process than more traditional hand-wrapping allows for. With the rising price of both energy and film it is important to look for solutions to reduce your usage as much as possible and the Alpha 104 suits this requirement perfectly.

This is also an incredibly easy to use machine, perfect for variable sized pallets as a result of the intuitive design, which means it does not require copious amounts of additional training for staff.

Today, automatic wrapping machines are an incredibly cost effective, time saving and safer option for all of your packaging needs. For more information about these products don’t hesitate to contact us or call our friendly team on 0333 123 6666 who will happily to help with any questions that you may have.

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