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Alpha Pallet wrapping
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Alpha Pallet wrapping machinery, Robotics and services
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Power Stretch Pallet Wrappers

Alpha 508
Alpha 508
  • Suitable for medium to high volume users
  • Reliable, strong good for heavy pallets
  • Wide range of wrapping programs, security locked
  • Very economic wrapping costs
Alpha 701
Alpha 701
  • Suitable for medium to high volume users
  • Reliable, strong. security locked controls
  • Unique low turn table max weight 1200 kgs
  • Alternative to pit frame, easy loading. small space
Alpha 407
Alpha 407
  • Suitable for light to medium users
  • Produces economic wrapping costs on the pallet
  • Wide range of wrapping programs
  • Easy to operate;- robust;- reliable

We have a comprehensive range of Power stretch pallet wrappers for light to high volume users. Power stretch pallet wrappers can use 60/70% less stretch film than mechanical brake pallet wrappers.

The Alpha 508 pallet stretch wrapper offers high stretch (300%) potential to obtain the cheapest cost for wrapping your pallets, this stretch film machine is suitable for medium to high volume users and heavier loads. The Alpha 701 stretch film machine is an automatic stretch wrap machine that has a very low profile turntable with only a 300mm ramp. This saves on ramp space and is easy to load with a pump truck. Each automatic stretch wrap machine comes with an extended parts guarantee.

Our guarantees can be extended by years and tailored to include labour for servicing the pallet wrappers to keep then in good order and working efficiently, stretching your film, to minimise your wrapping costs every day, day in day out. Our pallet wrappers are of a robust construction and economic to run and easy to operate. Some of them even come with parental control.

The Alpha 508 has a very sophisticated control panel and film feeding carriage that allows the thinnest of stretch films to be used ie a 12 micron film when stretched by 300 % is only 3 micron thick.

For those who are considering purchasing a power stretch pallet wrapper, The Alpha 407 is our entry level machine designed for light to medium users and incorporates many of the above features, including parental control

Our power stretch pallet wrappers operate with a stretch ration from 250% up to 400%, depending on your requirement, we have the right type of pallet wrapper to suit your exact needs.